hk-eswl-swt300 front view


Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy System

Elegant and portable shockwave therapy system

HK.ESWT-300 is knowned as the first portable ESWT in China or maybe in the world. Attributed to it special ultimately compact design, HK.ESWT-300 even have the feasibility to be the first ESWT machine for home use. Definitely It has set a milestone for the world shock wave application..

swt300-main unit

Light and compact with streamlined appearance

Great affordability and high durability, suitable for all hospitals,private clinics or even for home use.

Proved Efficacy

While most physical therapies take effect very slowly and seldom effect a cure, HK.ESWT-300 turns out to be completely different: for the majority of its indications, shock wave therapy acts obviously just a moment after it starts.

hk.eswt-300 touchscreen

User Friendly

Touchscreen control

Ease of use

hk-eswt-300 back view

Safe and Reliable

HK.ESWT-300 is safe and reliable, and its manufacturing standard is up to the state of the art.

HK.eswt-300 with trolley


The whole wheeled system can be easily moved from place to place directly or by the trolley attached together.