Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter

HK.ESWL-V is a reliable and stable lithotripter with updated designs and functions throughout the years, making it the best selling model of all Wikkon lithotripters.

It consists of the dual imaging modes, remote and table-side consoles and a multifunctional patient table. The built-in imaging system offers exceptional quality images, powerful patient report management, and could be integrated with HIS (Hospital Information System).



Dual Imaging Modes

  • Dual imaging modes using X-ray and ultrasound
  • Outline ultrasound allows shorter skin to stone distance and continuous real-time monitoring

 Patient Table

  • Fully motorized table with 6-direction movement
  • Integrated design for fast and accurate positioning
  • Multi-use patient table for diagnostics and examination

Isocentric C-arm

Integrated shock wave head and X-ray C-arm with isocentric design require less patient repositioning, provide accurate and convenient positioning and significantly reduce treatment times

Operation System

  • Remote and table-side control
  • High definition imaging monitor
  • Touchscreen and joystick control

Why Choose HK.ESWL-V?

  • Real-time monitoring using dual-imaging modes with no interruption of the procedure
  • Multiple access windows for optimal treatment angles
  • Electromagnetic shock wave technology with consistent and reliable energy output
  • User-friendly operation with joystick control panel